Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Return of MRR

I'm back! People may remember me from the blog "Polished Gymnastics 101," in which I did analysis of gymnastics events prior to the Beijing Games. After a four month hiatus, I have decided to return to blogging with my new blog, "Video Replay= Artistry?" This blog will be similar to my last one, the only difference being the sport I intend to cover. Figure skating has always been a favorite sport of mine and I noticed that there seems to be a scarcity of skating blogs on the net, and thus I have decided to start one. The title of the blog is intended to represent all of the slow-motion replays used to check for rotation of jumps, lips, flutzes, levels of elements, among other things, and how that often makes drastic changes in results of competitions. While all of this is going on it seems as though artistry, which is something that can only be "felt" in real-time, seems to be overlooked. I will do analysis of upcoming competitions, and on occasion I will post about gymnastics as well. Please note that this blog will primarily be doing commentary of singles for men and women, and less so for pairs and dance.

That is all.

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luvnastia6 said...

totally psyched to see you'll be blogging again, and my other favorite sport too! :-) yay!!!