Friday, October 30, 2009

COC Ladies Free Skate Live Commentary

I will be doing live commentary of the ladies free taking place at the 2009 Cup of China. Below is the startlist and note that Binshu Xu has withdrawn.

WD Binshu XU CHN

12 37.08


11 44.24

3 Bingwa GENG CHN

10 47.64

4 Beatrisa LIANG USA

9 50.76


8 51.28


7 52.12

Warm-Up Group 2


6 55.46

8 Rachael FLATT USA

5 58.80


4 59.52

10 Carolina KOSTNER ITA

3 61.12

11 Kiira KORPI FIN

2 61.20


1 62.20

Warm-up group 1 has taken to the ice. Geng in red, yellow, and black dress. Liang in dark blue. Liang-clean 2A.

Rochette in same blue dress from WTT. Yan Liu in red.

Warm-up has concluded.

Diane Szmiett (Canada)
white and silver dress
3F-leaning forward but held on; possible hand down
3S(swingy free leg but held on)+2T-landed
2A+2A+SEQ-little speed coming out of either jump
Very poor spiral
3T-held on, big smile
Footwork not musical, slow
Last spin traveled back to Canada

TES: 55.64
PCS: 44.40
Total: 100.04
Grand Total: 144.28

Bingwa Geng (China)
3Z+2T-good takeoff edge, forward on landing of 3Z
3F-long entrance, fell out of but rotated
3S-fall; possible UR
good spin combo
Spiral sequence-extension needs improvement
3Z-good; possible slight UR
2A-step out
good donut spin
footwork is fairly simplistic
Weak layback position; great speed going into catch foot and Bielmann spins

TES: 38.28
PCS: 37.28
Ded: -2.00
Total: 73.56
Grand Total: 121.20
Rank: 2

Beatrisa Liang (USA)
3Z-fall; possible UR
3F-preceded by spiral; swingy free leg but good
1R-three turn entrance into it
2A-good control of landing edge
deathdrop to pancake spin-good
Spiral-extension is not as strong as 2007 IIRC but is decent
3Z+2T-good; possibly double footed first jump
footwork-good in places; intensity and speed not continuous
3T-held on
good final spin combo

TES: 39.15
PCS: 42.48
Ded: -1.00
Total: 80.63
Grand Total: 131.39
Rank: 2

Yan Liu (China)
2Z-very simplistic entrance
3R+2A+SEQ-little speed coming out of either jump but clean jumping pass
Weak Bielmann
Adequate spiral
3S+2T+1R-popped last jump but otherwise good
2A-low but clean
Footwork is extremely bland
2S-preceded by spiral; bailed out mid air and it will be counted UR as a single salchow
Final spin combo-traveled
Fairly clean skater but her transitions mark should be no higher than a 1.0. There was nothing interesting going on in-between her major elements.

TES: 39.84
PCS: 41.68
Total: 81.52
Grand Total: 132.80
Rank: 2

Joannie Rochette (Canada)
3Z-forward on landing; possible UR
good fast spin
Adequate spiral placed at awkward point in the music
3Z+2T-decent; possible UR
3T+2S+SEQ-I'm not positive if first jump was 3T but I think it was
2A-fall backward
Very detailed program choreographically and demonstrated tremendous use of skating skills and transitions. Interpretation of the music is very strong also.

TES: 53.42
PCS: 58.64
Ded: -1.00
Total: 111.06
Grand Total: 163.18
Rank: 1

Warm-up group two out on ice. Suzuki singled flip. Kostner in same dress from TEB. Kostner just took a hard fall on 3R.

Nagasu in red. Korpi in same dress from TEB. Nagasu just landed 3Z. One minute left in warm-up.

Fumie Suguri (Japan)
3Z+2T-slight flutz but good
3F-held on; possible two-foot
Good speed in spin
Relatively weak spiral
3S-UR, struggled valiantly to keep free leg up off the ice
3F-heavily two-footed; possible UR
Footwork didn't always correspond to intensity of music
Final spin combo-good speed, some positions weak

TES: 39.89
PCS: 50.64
Total: 90.53
Grand Total: 145.99
Rank: 2

Rachael Flatt (USA)
Dressed in red and gold
2A-preceded by spiral; landed
3F+2T-a little off on 3F landing but otherwise good
3Z-step out, possible UR, way off-axis in air
Spin combos weak positions
3F-step out
Very nice footwork, the only remotely interesting aspect of the program choreographically.
Not a great skate. I would say this is the flattest of Flatt's programs so far, footwork excepted. Jumps look lower and not as centered in the air.

TES: 48.51
PCS: 50.40
Total: 98.91
Grand Total: 157.71
Rank: 2

Akiko Suzuki (Japan)
3Z+2T-swingy free leg on lutz but otherwise OK
Good centering on spin; positions weak
Adequate spiral
3F-very calm landing
3Z-good landing; possible flutz
3R+2A+SEQ-somewhat wild landing on 2A but clean
3S-low but landed cleanly
Excellent energy in footwork
Lovely program!

TES: 64.58
PCS: 52.56
Total: 117.14
Grand Total: 176.66
Rank: 1

Carolina Kostner (Italy)
3F-fall out; possible UR
Good position on camel; sit spin not low enough
Excellent spiral; nice transition with choreography between Y-scale spiral and standard spiral
3R-unsteady but held on
2A-wobbled on landing and sharply put free leg down onto the ice
3S-fall; possible UR
Great footwork; lots of one foot skating
Good speed and expression throughout

TES: 38.38
PCS: 55.68
Ded: -1.00
Total: 93.08
Grand Total: 154.18
Rank: 4

Kiira Korpi (Finland)
2Z-rough landing
good spin combo
1S-Bailed out mid-air; landed on two feet
Adequate spiral
Flying sit spin-doesn't maintain speed and low position when she changes her arms and focus to the side
Footwork fairly simplistic
2A-held on
Much improved from TEB. Expression and maturity has improved as well.

TES: 49.51
PCS: 52.56
Total: 102.07
Grand Total: 163.27
Rank: 2

Mirai Nagasu (USA)
3Z+2T+2R(looked UR)-otherwise clean
2A+3T(borderline for downgrade)-wobbly landing
3F(possible UR)+2T-landed
Good spins as usual
Great spiral extension
3Z-slightly off-axis landing but held on
3R-bailed out mid-air and fell
2A-low but landed
Excellent final spin

TES: 42.90
PCS: 51.28
Ded: -1.00
Total: 93.18
Grand Total: 155.38
Rank: 5

Final Standings
1 Akiko SUZUKI JPN 176.66
2 Kiira KORPI FIN 163.27 
3 Joannie ROCHETTE CAN 163.18 7 2
4 Rachael FLATT USA 157.71 5 5
5 Mirai NAGASU USA 155.38 1 6
6 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 154.18 3 7
7 Fumie SUGURI JPN 145.99 6 8
8 Diane SZMIETT CAN 144.28 11 4
9 Yan LIU CHN 132.80 8 9
10 Beatrisa LIANG USA 131.39 9 10
11 Bingwa GENG CHN 121.20 10 11

Congratulations Akiko!

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